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Records are the complete and unchangeable evidence of what an organization does in its business activities and transactions. They can be in the form of paper, scanned images, electronic message, drawings or in any other form. 

Records are an integral part of an organization and hold value for it as an important information asset and are critical for the continuity of business operations. Records must be created, organized, secured, maintained and used in a way that effectively supports the activity of an organization as they facilitate and sustain day to day operations. They are needed for budgeting and planning,provide answers for past decisions and activities; they demonstrate and document compliance with applicable laws, regulations and standards.

Importance of Records

Perform daily business transaction
Deliver goods and services consistently
Comply with legislative and regulatory requirements
Manage risk
Protect the interest of all stakeholders
Provide research documents for the development of products and services
Preserve the organizational identity and history

How you Manage Records Does Matter !

Records is the centre of everything an organization does, hence, how the organization manages those records can directly affect its ability to compete, comply with regulations, recover from disaster- in other words, to operate efficiently. 

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We are very happy that we chose FS RMS for our records management and we are extremely satisfied with their services so far.

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